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Generisches Diflucan Fluconazole 50/100/150/200mg

Generisches Diflukan ist ein Antibiotikum zur Behandlung von Pilzinfektionen, die alle Teile des Körpers befallen können wie auch den Mund, Hals, Speiseröhre, Blase, die Genitalien und das Blut.


Marke(n): Forcan / FCN / Flucalup / FZ

Hersteller: Cipla / Intas / Lupin / Zenlabs

Diseases: Fungus

Known as: Canex* / Canifug Fluco / Diflucan / Fluc* / Flucobeta / Flucoderm / FlucoLich / Flunazul / Fungata

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50mg × 12 Pillen€18.05€ 1.50 
50mg × 32 Pillen€43.36€ 1.36 
50mg × 60 Pillen€75.91€ 1.27 
50mg × 92 Pillen€108.46€ 1.18 
50mg × 120 Pillen€133.77€ 1.11 
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100mg × 12 Pillen€21.70€ 1.81 
100mg × 32 Pillen€57.14€ 1.79 
100mg × 60 Pillen€105.60€ 1.76 
100mg × 92 Pillen€157.68€ 1.71 
100mg × 120 Pillen€201.08€ 1.68 
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150mg × 10 Pillen€20.25€ 2.03 
150mg × 20 Pillen€39.78€ 1.99 
150mg × 30 Pillen€58.59€ 1.95 
150mg × 60 Pillen€113.56€ 1.89 
150mg × 90 Pillen€166.36€ 1.85 
150mg × 120 Pillen€202.52€ 1.69 
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200mg × 12 Pillen€65.06€ 5.42 
200mg × 32 Pillen€159.09€ 4.97 
200mg × 60 Pillen€289.28€ 4.82 
200mg × 92 Pillen€426.71€ 4.64 
200mg × 120 Pillen€542.44€ 4.52 
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